“Practicing Tae Kwon Do at Double Dragon TKD has impacted my son’s life tremendously.His improvements are rewarding: not only technically to become the 2nd degree Black belt but also ability to have better focus academically to be in scholars classes, and good time management planning. He has also gained “never-give-up-attitude” towards obstacles, confidence, leadership and wonderful friendship with other students.

It is a great privilege to learn this martial art from the genuine master of Tae Kwon Do, Master Kim, who has amazing technique with humble spirit.Also the instructors are passionate to pass on the technique to students in the age and belt-level-appropriate class setting which is fun and challenging. They are so good at making the most out of students’ potential by creating fun and enjoyable classes. That is why my son has been practicing here since September of 2006! The office staff is dedicated to help make your children’s training effectively and everyone is here to answer any concerns you may have. In addition, Double Dragon has also great supportive families.

I strongly believe by learning Tae Kwon Do, your children will benefit to acquire many important life-long-skills and become true martial artists.”


Jillian Reilly

I highly recommend Double dragon tae kwon do, I’ve had 3 kids enrolled over the years (2 there currently) and they love it. I love that they are exercising, gaining strength and balance, it’s a bonus that they have fun while they do! 

Patient, encouraging and fun instructors make my kids feel welcome and confident.

My children are focused, disciplined and respectful, double dragon Tae kwon do enhances these qualities, it’s been a wonderful experience for us. 

Jillian  (Harrison, Spencer & Clara) 


Yunie Choi

My husband and I enrolled our daughter, Hana, at Double Dragon Taekwondo when she was 7 years old.  It was primarily intended for her to gain exposure to a part of our heritage as Korean-Americans, but we were hopeful it would help her focus better and build up confidence.  it’s been an amazing journey for Hana.  Scared silly during her first class enough to cry, she is now a young lady with a black belt who is strong and a believer in herself.  This would not have happened without the guidance and wisdom of the masters at the school.  I believe they provide just the right balance of discipline and kindness.  The younger students are taught with gentleness while the higher belts are rightly held to a higher standard and kept accountable.  The students are all gently pushed to be leaders, not only for themselves but as role models for the lower belts.  For Hana, this has helped her in every other aspect of her life – from friendships to academic achievement.    

Double Dragon has become our second home and now my 7 year old son, Hajun, is following in his sister’s footsteps.


“When my son Evan, age 6 1/2, saw the demo team from Double Dragon Tae Kwon Do perform at his school he was entranced and afterwards told us, Double Dragon Tae Kwon Do is the place for him. As a parent it is such a joy to see your child find something on their own that they love to do and were not “nudged” into doing.

At Double Dragon, my son is, of course, learning and mastering the moves and techniques, but it is not all about that or just trying to quickly move to the next belt level. Master Kim and the instructors, Brandon and Chris truly care that the students are also learning to follow directions, listen with intent, behave respectfully, focus their energy and have lots of fun.

They break down the art of TKD to a level children understand and really know how to lead and keep engaged a group of youngsters in a fun and professional manner. Since being involved in Tae Kwon Do my son is more focused, not as easily distracted and is more respectful.With encouragement from the instructors my son demonstrates confidence by trying challenging new moves.

This confidence is apparent in other areas as well; he now wants to sing solo in his choir. He has learned that if you practice a little bit everyday he can accomplish his goals, not only in Tae Kwon Do but in other areas, such as school. He also had a great time at one of their summer camps and is looking forward to going again.

Master Kim is very accessible, the studio is run very efficiently and the staff is always friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend checking out Double Dragon Tae Kwon Do.”




Double Dragon Tae Kwon Do (DDTKD) school is by far the best martial arts school for our son. Not only is he learning the true “art” of martial arts, but the instructors are like “surrogate parents” who encourage moral values, self worth, and skilled martial art mechanics. DDTKD emphasis academics, self-confidence, and respect towards parents, individuals, and self. What impresses me mostly about DDTKD are the aspects of discipline and respect which DDTKD seems to center itself around.

The students of DDTKD are supported and taught by master instructors without being belittled or embarrassed. A student who may struggle in certain areas (not only in martial arts but also in life) are embraced by the instructors and reminded of their significance and value. Kids laugh and play, and all the while are being taught deep principles about life and personality responsibility. All the instructors from Grand Master Kim to a new black belt instructor have the students best interest and utmost focus on the martial art task at hand. Students are rewarded with marks of excellence and leave the classes with a sense of pride and focus. I often remind my son of what he learned, how to apply what he learned, and when to apply what he learned. Such markings of what makes DDTKD such a great school. A parent can feel confident that their child is in good hands with instructors who connect with the student, as the student connects with life’s challenges.


Gwen Lopez

Citlali has always been very dedicated to her schoolwork and to Taekwondo. We used to live in Culver City when she started Taekwondo at 4 years old, but we had to move, and have been living in Van Nuys for 2 years now, she loves her classes which is why we kept her enrolled. Citlali was allowed to skip Kindergarten because of how mature and dedicated she was to her schoolwork and is now in 1st grade. 

On a normal school day she wakes up around 6:30am to get ready for school, she goes to school at 8am-230pm then is enrolled in an after school program until 6pm. If I don't work, I pick her up early from her after school program to take her to class, its about a 40min-1hr drive (I try to tell her to nap in the car but usually she eats on the way since we don't really have time to have a sit down dinner) and as soon as I get to my parents house she does her homework and changes to go to class, sometimes she will get about 30min to 1hr to relax after class until she has to take a bath and get ready for bed, because of my, her father, and my parents work schedules, Citlali usually doesn't go to bed until around 930pm She never complains about having to go to school or about the commute to go to class. 
She takes a test every Friday at school (reading, spelling, math), and those mornings she usually studies her spelling words on her own without her father or I asking her to, she gets between 96-100% every week. If she misses class, it is not due to her not wanting to go, but because her father sometimes has to work overtime and by the time he gets off work, there is too much traffic to make it to class on time. My dad works in Inglewood and has left work early to come pick her up in Van Nuys, and take her back to Culver City for Taekwondo because he knows how important it is to her. 
She is very proud to be a brown belt and always checks herself before leaving my parents house to make sure she has her ID card, water, and belt on properly and is prepared for class. I am so proud of her and thankful for all the masters because they have been so patient, understanding, kind, and friendly with her since the beginning, Thank You for all you do for my daughter.