Our adult class ranges from the rather young adults (teenagers – 13 years old and up), to anyone willing to say, “ I can do this.” Rather than being cultivated for a younger crowd, this class is specifically designed for adults who aren’t afraid of working hard, have the desire to reach that perfect physical and mental shape, or just want to be active. Our students will experience a combination of exercise for both the body and the mind. On the physical side, we strengthen the body with diverse drills of techniques taught during various levels of our student trainings. Not to mention the consistent cardio workout they receive throughout a class session. Flexibility is developed through a gradual process of safe and easy stretching techniques. With deep breathing and concentration exercises we will relax the mind and your response time so you can handle any difficult situations without difficulty. Addition to building healthier bodies and becoming mentally fit, our program also offers to adult’s special self-defense techniques or so called Hosinsul. These self-defense skills are practical enough that can be used in a time of desperate need. With the tools and skills that we offer to our students, they can easily reach and achieve their personal life goals.

Double Dragon Tae Kwon Do School has a complete system so you will learn to defend yourself against all situations intelligently. With all situations, two things determine success. First, you must believe you can do it and second, you must have the self-discipline to make it happen. Training with Double Dragon Tae Kwon Do, we will give you both of these attitudes and help you both in business and daily life. After just a few weeks of training you will notice improvement in your energy levels, flexibility, and health.