Masters and Instructors

Master Sun

Master Sun is a 3rd degree black belt. With over 20 years of sparring experience, Master Sun can also be recognized as a tournament champion having placed number 1 in numerous competitions. Master Sun takes teaching students to the next level. He makes sure students execute the proper form/technique while having fun at the same time!


Master Chris

Master Chris has over 25 years of Martial arts experience as well as 10 years of Head Master. He is advanced in Judo and Jiu-Jitsu and is a 3rd-degree Taekwondo black belt. Master Chris studied child care in college and is very devoted, passionate and patient with all his students. He is a certified tournament coach and teaches the advanced technique of Nunchuk.

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Master Kenny

Kenny is currently a 3rd Degree Black Belt. He has been with Double Dragon since September 2006. Kenny has participated in tournaments through out the years. In every form competition he has placed in first place. He is very dedicated and works hard everyday in class. He makes sure to be a good example to all the students who look up to him.


Kevin Diaz, Assistant Instructor

Kevin Diaz is a 2nd degree black belt. Kevin has been training under Grandmaster Kim for over 6 years. He provides assistance to the Masters, acting as a second set of eyes on the mat. He continues to work harder and harder each and every day, showing great potential as a future Master.